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Parish Council 

The tradition of the Church urges those who exercise executive authority to seek counsel from those who are affected by their actions. This understanding provides a vision of faith which recognizes the movement of the Spirit in the midst of the community.


The establishment of the Parish Pastoral Council is to be reflective of the faith life of the community, its diversity and its special social conditions. A pastoral council is an exercise in faith sharing, and therefore is served best by members who are truly faith-filled.


The Parish Pastoral Council exists to advise the pastor who by virtue of his ordination and appointment is mandated to serve the common good of the community.


A.  The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to foster pastoral activity, especially through the promotion of prayer, Christian formation and faith sharing among its membership and within the larger parish community.


B.  The Parish Pastoral Council is consultative to the pastor. Consultation should be carried out in a spirit of prayerful reflection. Through prayer, preparation, reflection and frank discussion of the issues brought to the Council, the members should strive to develop consensus on those issues which they address, always keeping in mind the common good of the community.


C.  Members of the Parish Pastoral Council will consult with parishioners about the pastoral needs and priorities of the parish. Through prayerful discernment, individually and collectively, the Council is to visualize the future as it prepares to respond to present and future challenges and needs.


The spirit of consultation in the church requires a profound sensitivity to the needs and vision of the people involved.

Working Mission Statement

Our mission, as Sacred Heart Parish Pastoral Council, is to prayerfully renew, strengthen and build upon the Kingdom of God in our community.  We will engage in the development, evaluation, and continuity of short and long-term goals. In a shared ministry with our pastor, in accordance with the Church's Universal Canon Law and the Diocesan directives, we will promote Communication, Community and Communion.

Parish Council Members

  • Rev. Francisco Gutierrez


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