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The Religious celebration of  Quinceañeras is not a right, but a merited privilege.

As such, it is expected that the girl earn such privilege by being serious about the positive role that the Catholic faith plays in her personal and social life.  In this vein, Sacred Heart Parish requires that girls must be practicing Catholic members in the life of this community of faith. Girls must attend Holy Mass every Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation.



Sacred Heart Parish will be offering Quinceañera preparation classes for all young girls planning to celebrate their (Quinceañera) 15th birthday. 

These classes will be offered once a year.

Therefore, if you are planning to have a

Quinceañera celebration,

please stop by the parish office to register. 



Preparación para las jovencitas que están planeado celebrar su quinceañera.

Estas clases solo se ofrecen una vez al año. 

Para las  jovencitas que están planeado su quinceañera, necesitan asistir.

Por favor de pasar a la oficina parroquial

Para registrarse.

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