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Liturgical Ministry  
Eucharistic Ministers, Communion to the Sick:

Eucharistic Ministers are baptized, confirmed, and active parishioners who assist in the distribution of the Eucharist during the Eucharistic celebration and special visits to the sick and homebound.  They are responsible for the preparation of cups, plates, hosts and wine, and the cleaning of vessels following the liturgy.  A monthly schedule is provided; all ministers are responsible for finding substitutes when they are not available.  Special training and formation meetings are regularly provided to grow and improve in the ministry.  Ministers are expected to attend regular sessions.


These Ministers specialize in the proclamation of the Word. With a strong, clear voice and passion for the Word, our Lectors, or ministers of the Word, proclaim the Word of God during Liturgical celebrations.  They assist the community in hearing the Word of God in a manner that brings it to life.  Training and formation sessions are regularly provided.  Lectors are expected to attend regular meetings. 


Music ministers share their love of and talent for music through the selection of appropriate Mass Settings and music according to liturgical season.  These selections shall be an aid in the celebration of the Mass to all present.  The primary role of music ministers during liturgy is to support and encourage the full participation of the congregation.

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